SoftLINK Instructional Monitoring and Management Software Introduction

February 11th, 2020 by

SoftLINK is the market-leading classroom software solution that provides instructors with an array of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to help maximize the benefit of technology-led instruction.

SoftLINK is an essential part of the digital classroom. SoftLINK provides the ability to organize and deliver lesson content, work collaboratively, and monitor trainee workstations. With its many tools, an instructor can ensure trainees stay focused at all times. All of SoftLINK’s features are included with a license purchase, including the dedicated instructor interface, SoftLINK Assistant, and Technician module.

  • Trainee feedback visuals to gauge well being and topic confidence
  • ‘Easy’ user mode to support technology-shy instructors
  • Versions for all leading PC and tablet platforms
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • Show or broadcast instructor screen to trainees
  • Show or broadcast trainee screen to remainder of class
  • Live view of trainee thumbnails
  • View and control trainees’ screens
  • Testing, quiz, and survey components
  • Audio monitoring and language lab tools
  • Internet metering, filtering, and control
  • Application metering, filtering, and control
  • Digital student revision aids
  • Printer management
  • Electronically distribute and collect work
  • Dedicated Technicians’ Console

How do I monitor student Chromebooks?

October 10th, 2019 by

Many school districts are being lured to Chromebooks because of their relatively low cost, dependability and access.  However, the new distractions that the Chromebooks offer to students is rarely considered.  Let’s face it, students have and always will goof off during class, and knowing what students are doing is even more important when technology is involved. In addition to fun and games, the Internet opens up a wide range of unsavory information to youth, and it is the teacher’s job to prevent students from accessing these websites during school.

With our SoftLINK classroom management software you can prohibit access to any website, allow access to only an approved list of websites, or block internet access completely.  Just imagine how much stress this will alleviate from your classroom management, knowing the students cannot get to websites that are not approved.  SoftLINK’s intuitive Tutor Console provides a thumbnail view of each student’s desktop, allowing you to monitor and see at a glance what each student is currently doing on their Chromebook. In addition to limiting students’ internet access, SoftLINK gives you full control over each student’s Chromebook.  While giving a lecture, teachers have the ability to lock each student’s keyboard and mouse and they will no longer have any control over their device.

SoftLINK classroom monitoring software is an invaluable tool for any electronic classroom.  SoftLINK supports not only Chromebooks, but Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS as well.  If your classroom has a mixture of devices, do not worry.  SoftLINK allows you to interact with each operating system and device from a single interface!  No matter what your training environment may be, SoftLINK will enhance the learning experience for the students and will provide teachers with the tools to effectively keep them on task.

SIS Integration with Google Classroom – AVAILABLE NOW in v12.65!

October 3rd, 2019 by

SIS Integration with Google Classroom – AVAILABLE NOW in v12.65!

SoftLINK has extended its Student Information System (SIS) integration and now provides support for Google Classroom.  Teachers are now able to connect to students’ devices using Google Classroom’s “ready to connect” class lists.  This provides seamless connection to the students’ devices, whether they are using Windows devices or even Chromebooks.  The Google Classroom integration allows more flexibility when connecting to student devices while also helping teachers save time by simplifying the classroom setup.

SoftLINK also continues to support SIS integration via ClassLink OneRoster. Once synchronized with OneRoster, the SoftLINK Tutor can identify the SIS data (teacher, lesson, and student roster) relevant to the teacher’s current lesson. Not only does this feature help teachers save time when setting up their technology-led lessons, but also offers more flexibility when connecting to student devices!

Please refer to our SoftLINK SIS Integration guide for more information.