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In-house learning: good for employees, good for your organization

When the Covid curveball hit, the world had to act fast. One such arena for radical re-thinking and rapid change was the workplace, with industries everywhere needing to adopt wide-ranging transformations to remain operational in the face of massive global challenges. Some of these changes were temporary; some have become permanent – and some are forming the roots that will grow into new kinds of work altogether. 

Technology is the common denominator in the majority of the adaptations in the corporate space over the last two years. It has enabled businesses to continue manufacturing or trading, with teams operating remotely, collaborating online and with delivery (of either physical or online products) powered by a myriad of IT solutions and applications.

The way we work is always in a state of flux, but companies are now working at an accelerated pace to ensure that:

  • they can leverage the powers of technology to help employees create, innovate and be as efficient as possible, and
  • they are fully prepared for an uncertain future.

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that we are all learning together – from CEOs down to the newest recruits. Companies can use learning to their advantage in two ways: to ensure their employees have the tools and knowledge at their disposal to work efficiently and creatively, and also to stimulate team spirit and a sense of involvement in the business. This is especially important for remote workers, and it ensures everyone has equal access to training to grow their skills and boost their careers. 

Dedicated learning is a smart move for organizations to nurture their employees’ skills and help them to put them to best use for the company’s benefit. Gone are the days, however, where being sent on a course and taking pen-and-paper notes that are forgotten a week later will deliver the results organizations need. Relevant training, delivered onsite by a trainer who understands that learning needs to be interactive and engaging if it is to stick, will provide real value to employees. And if it is tech-based, so much the better, as this will be an extension of the digitally-led learning experienced by younger employees in school – and will be equally as engaging for older employees, too. 

Our corporate training solution, SoftLINK, has helped businesses across a variety of industries to provide engaging training sessions. To read more about how it could help your company, check out our white paper here.

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