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Businesses, power up your in-house training with dedicated tech

Corporate training and onboarding sessions have come a long way from photocopied handouts and boring PowerPoint presentations (we hope!).

Back in the day, in-house training could be uninspiring to say the least. But by introducing instruction and communication technology, businesses have helped to transform how employees receive their initial guidance into how the company works or the foundation training they need to do their jobs.

Technology for impactful training

Training with a dedicated instruction solution can make learning much more interactive, collaborative and, well, just more interesting! It’s in step with how many people have learned at school and it’s better for trainers too, saving them time by offering the automatic hand-out and collection of coursework from trainees’ computers, and supporting pre-created lesson plans and content for delivery to trainees.

Trainers can immediately see how well trainees have understood the content of a session with the real-time surveys and testing features – and can make their sessions interactive by employing multi-user/group collaborative chat or survey features.

SoftLINK – the perfect tool

SoftLINK has all these benefits and even takes things a step further, offering a ‘group leader’ mode that allows one trainee to take on a leadership role in group activity – and a dedicated gamified Q&A mode to test knowledge in a variety of ways (teamwork, individuals, random questioning, bouncing questions between trainees and more).

One thing that trainees find especially useful is the inclusion of a Student Journal where they and the tutor can record all the useful content from the session for them to refer to once the training has ended.

What do customers think?

Accelerated Technology Lab uses SoftLINK to train its students in laboratories around the world. The SoftLINK screen sharing feature is used so students can easily see the instructor’s screen on their monitor to follow long and see every fine detail.

“Our students are all adults working in laboratories around the world, they just loved having the ability to see the instructor’s screen on their desk next to the one they were working with. Huge benefit over having a projected instructor’s screen in the front of the room.”

PSI Metals, GmbH training involves hands-on exercises and they needed a way to help and check on student’s progress during the remote training exercises. Now the trainers can easily view all student screens to see who needs assistance and how they are progressing with the exercise.

“SoftLINK is easy to use, seamless to the trainee and easy to show new trainers how to use it. It has been invaluable to us during these remote trainings. SoftLINK has undoubtedly saved dozens of hours of work across multiple trainers and training sessions.”

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