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Fastest way to provide lesson notes with SoftLINK’s Digital Journal

In-school learning, synchronous online learning, asynchronous home learning – providing consistency is a challenge, but teachers really are pulling out all the stops to ensure students can continue to learn, whatever their (and the wider) circumstances are.

Teachers aren’t just employing new tech solutions to help them; they’re also looking to maximize the regular solutions they’re using, perhaps implementing features they haven’t used before. And if your school uses SoftLINK, we have a handy tip for you that not only helps students, but teachers too!

A record of lesson content
Maybe you already use SoftLINK’s Student Journal as part of your lessons and, if you are, that’s great! However, if you don’t, it’s a really good way to make a record of the content of your lesson as you go along and save it into a PDF file to distribute to students afterwards as a revision aid. When students are learning together in the classroom, they also have the option to add their own notes to the journal.

If you’re currently teaching in the classroom as well as catering for students learning at home, then sending a copy of the journal you’ve compiled in your live class to remote students will ensure that everyone has the same information. And if students have been ill or absent from lessons for any reason, having a set of notes is a great way to see what has been covered and catch up. It’s a win, win!

What can you include in the Student Journal?
All the key information from a typical lesson can be added to a journal file. This includes:

  • Lesson objectives
  • Class register
  • Notes, resources and screenshots
  • Survey/test details and results
  • Question and Answer module scores
  • Lists of approved websites for research
  • “On the fly” screenshots from a demonstration (teacher or student)
  • Details of any homework set
  • Students’ personal notes
  • Target words/topics for comprehension or research assignments
  • Transcripts of any electronic chat conversations
  • Copies of any SoftLINK built-in Whiteboard sessions

The journal is also an important tool for you, as a teacher, to keep a record of all lesson content and student information. It allows you to record who was present – as well as include the results of any tests and surveys. You can also use it as a supplement to existing lesson plans or as a useful reference for the following year.

Available as a PDF file, the journal is easy to access for students and teachers.

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See how well it can work for you and your students.

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