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Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Your School

Wellbeing isn’t just an issue for students, but for teachers and technicians too. High workload, lack of work-life balance, lack of resources and feeling unsupported by leaders can all combine to negatively impact the wellbeing of staff. With so much technology now on board in schools, it’s time to think about how this can not only benefit teaching and learning, but staff wellbeing too. Our classroom management solution, SoftLINK, and IT management solution, DNA, can provide schools with a combination of tools to deliver shortcuts to make technicians’ lives easier, save teachers’ time and alleviate anxieties around technology use…

Making classroom technology accessible

Many teachers struggle to use classroom technology effectively; sticking to a few tried and tested tools. Others simply fear using it much at all and the thought of it causes anxiety and stress. SoftLINK offers three graded ‘user modes’ (Easy, Intermediate and Advanced) to make it more accessible and help them to gain confidence as they progress – or, if the investment has already been made, can enable student digital leaders to assist in supporting others in the class.

Tech takes the strain

Spotting areas where costs or time can be saved is important for schools. Using DNA’s Efficiency view, IT teams can see at a glance if technology is being used effectively and have the opportunity to reduce any wastage. Plus, having to solve problems under pressure isn’t ideal for anyone, so by proactively monitoring hundreds of scenarios for changes, DNA can alert technicians to issues before they become problematic, giving them the opportunity to solve them before they take hold.

To read more about staff wellbeing, access our full PDF here.

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