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New whitepaper: Building learner engagement

Building learner engagement…

The training and onboarding landscape has changed drastically in the past five years. With a shift towards hybrid and remote working environments, professionals in the Learning and Development field have had to evaluate their approaches to onboarding new employees and conducting continuing training.

Find out how using classroom management and instruction tools, like SoftLINK can help trainers leverage technology to build learner engagement and boost learning outcomes. This new whitepaper discusses just that and highlights the true benefits of implementing the right tools to support your objectives and create a positive learning environment.

Choosing the right tools to boost engagement… 

Using solutions like SoftLINK can help organizations enhance training by bridging the gap video conferencing solutions lack and offer a solution that aligns with the needs of their learners. SoftLINK provides a wide range of possibilities for collaborative instruction, assessment and group working – as well as allowing trainers to guide and present directly to staff devices.

Plus, to increase engagement, SoftLINK also offers tools to allow trainees to interact, question and assess any information presented. It also provides each person with a journal of content from the training session for them to refer to afterwards – for maximum retention.

Find out more about SoftLINK below to see the full benefits. Plus, you can try it for free for 30 days to see how it works in your training environment.

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