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Great Success with e-Safety DNA software Trevelyan Middle School

How is the software currently being used in your school?

DNA is being used to monitor all student PCs to identify trigger words that are potential e-Safety concerns to help create a safe learning environment. It also provides a discreet way for students to contact staff regarding e-Safety concerns that allows senior leadership to quickly follow up on issues ensuring students receive the help they need.

What IT challenges were you trying to solve?

In light of the new safeguarding requirements for schools, we wanted to expand our e-Safety
tools across the school. With its e-Safety toolkit including both proactive and reactive tools,
DNA was able to do just that. We can spot trends to highlight potential issues across
the school with keyword monitoring and students can also report concerning issues to a trusted staff member with the ‘report a concern’ feature.

Why did you choose our product?

As a current customer, I already had a good trust in the brand and a good working relationship with our Account Manager. Plus, DNA is a great system that has proved to be affordable to maintain within our budget, provides quality features, and adds an extra layer of security. It’s also really easy to use and supports a range of platforms.

How/where has DNA added value?

We have found DNA has added value by helping increase productivity and saving time. It has also helped improve performance and the product is easy to use for our IT staff – 99% of the package worked straight out of the box, and the tech support team has provided excellent assistance with one aspect I couldn’t seem to configure.

Would you recommend DNA software?

Yes, it’s a great system!

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