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Wicomico Day School Case Study

What challenges were you trying to solve? We needed an easy way to send assignments to students and to monitor students’ content while using the computers. What SoftLINK features do […]

Pathways Academy Case Study

What challenges were you trying to solve? The goal was to give the teachers a tool that would allow them to better manage and guide students while they are on […]

Stanley Security Solutions Case Study

What is your role at your organization? I conduct technical training on a wide variety of electronic security products and software platforms. A typical training class consists of electronic security […]

Proven Way to Take Control of Unmanned Devices

Our world is becoming increasingly driven by technology and it’s now in places where previously it never would have been dreamed of. For instance, it’s not that long since pasting […]

Help Employees Transition Back to the Office

Heading back to the office? Well, it’s all about creating a safe and happy working environment to entice your staffs return – something easier said than done! But with the […]

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