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US ARMY Soldier Support Institute Case Study

Tell us a little about the US ARMY Soldier Support Institute…

The Soldier Support Institute (SSI) is one of 37 schools operated by the Unites States Army Training Doctrine Command (TRADOC). The SSI was established as the U.S. Army Administration Center (ADMINCEN) in July 1973 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. After several reorganizations and several relocations, the SSI was eventually moved to its current location at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The
goal of the school is to train and educate soldiers and civilians in financial management, human resources support, music support, postal operations, and recruiting and retention. It must also develop complementary concepts, doctrine, organizations, and material to strengthen an all-volunteer U.S. Army as America’s force of decisive action.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

We are responsible for supporting over 3,600 computers, operated by some 14,000 students and 800 staff each year. We needed a way for the instructor to electronically interact with the students.

How has SoftLINK helped you?

By implementing SoftLINK in our classrooms, the instructor is able to easily send/collect assignments, have private one on one or group interaction, and remotely control/view student computers.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems’ customer service?

ACS support has always been available and professionally responsive.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?

Yes. I always mention SoftLINK when I get a chance!!

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