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Manager Gateway

Set Up Remote Training in 3 Simple Steps

Corporations and government entities are trying to conduct remote instructor-led training classes, but they are running into a few obstacles.  One of the most common obstacles is how can instructors […]

Manager Version 12.8

Showing Applications A show (broadcast) of an application can now be displayed in a separate window by changing the Display Mode setting. This new feature allows the end user to […]

SoftLINK Version 14 – OUT NOW!

Student Feedback Mode SoftLINK’s new Student Feedback Mode provides educators a great way to capture how their students feel.  A teacher can quickly gauge their students’ confidence on a topic.  […]

How do I monitor student Chromebooks?

Many school districts are being lured to Chromebooks because of their relatively low cost, dependability and access.  However, the new distractions that the Chromebooks offer to students is rarely considered.  […]

SoftLINK Google Classroom Integration

SoftLINK Version 12.65

Integration with Google Classroom SoftLINK now integrates with G Suite for Education.  Teachers can connect to their students’ devices using the class lists composed in Google Classroom. This feature is […]

SoftLINK Integrates with ClassLink OneRoster

SoftLINK Version 12.60

SIS Integration SoftLINK now supports integration with SIS (Student Information System) environments via ClassLink OneRoster (Windows and Chrome Tutor only). Once synced, the SoftLINK Tutor can be configured to identify, […]

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