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Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Case Study

Tell us a bit about Brookhaven Memorial Hospital…

Brookhaven Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit community hospital in Patchogue, Suffolk County, New York.

What IT challenges were you trying to solve?

We had specific requirements for the notification solution we wanted to employ. We were trying to find a product to reach all desktops and Citrix clients, that was centrally managed and that had flexible scheduling options.

How is Notify currently being used in your organization?

Notify is deployed house-wide (we have over 1500 licenses) across our medical center and is being used to send scheduled reminders to staff, schedule downtime messages and adhoc/urgent messages as needed.

Why did you choose Notify?

Initially, we had a home-grown notification solution and went with Notify based on a recommendation. Our interim CIO at the time recommended Notify, and, after looking at the demo, the choice was easy. The software has a wealth of features, is really easy to use and is affordable for our hospital.

How/where has Notify added value?

Notify is a great product. It’s easy to install and maintain; a straightforward but very powerful tool. It’s provided us with the flexibility we were looking for and has definitely saved us money.

Would you recommend Notify?

Yes, definitely.

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