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Ameren Callaway Energy Center Case Study

Tell us a little about Ameren…

Ameren Missouri has been providing electric and gas service for more than 100 years. The Callaway Energy Center generates approximately 25% of the energy for Ameren Missouri’s 1.2 million customers. Ameren Missouri’s mission is to power the quality of life for its 1.2 million electric and 135,000 natural gas customers in central and eastern Missouri. The company’s service area covers 64 counties and more than 500 communities, including the greater St. Louis area.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

For instructional purposes, the training department at the nuclear facility wanted an alternative method of utilizing media and PowerPoint in the classroom. We found that SoftLINK classroom management software met these goals and provided much more.

How has the SoftLINK classroom management software helped your training program?

Keeping students involved in the presentation and making sure they are at the same point as the instructor. Instructors can maintain control of student computers during presentations and ensure that students are on track.

What feature of SoftLINK is most beneficial in your training?

Controlling the access to other software or websites while in class.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc?

ACS is very helpful when dealing with questions and issues.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?

Yes, Callaway has approximately 35 instructors who are constantly faced with providing new and
creative methods of presentation. It is intuitive and easy to learn, two of SoftLINK’s key selling points.

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