Insuring America Case Study

February 16th, 2022 by

How is the software currently being used in your organization?

Manager is a fantastic solution because it has very minimal demand of system resources and extreme flexibility. It also has a great set of features for identifying system issues on the remote machines, specifically the Inventory component.

The challenges we were trying to solve:

We were looking for a solution to deliver remote support from several locations, so we have more flexibility to help solve user issues in the office or on the go.

Manager is a fantastic solution

Why did you choose our product?

Manager’s presentation tools help greatly with user training. The ability to show information direct to the remote desktop on an individual or group basis, backed up by a set of drawing and annotation options to help highlight key points, is a real winner.

How/where has Manager added value?

The performance of staff has increased as training/problem solving is more efficient.

Would you recommend Manager?


Oklahoma Steel and Wire Case Study

February 11th, 2022 by

How is the software currently being used in your organization?

Our programmer has used Manager extensively as it saves him having to go from office to office to deal with individual error messages as they appear – saving him a lot of time and allows problems to be resolved quicker.

The challenges we were trying to solve:

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to see remote users in outlying buildings, run new software that was being deployed and help instruct them in the use of the software.

Manager was an invaluable tool

Why did you choose our product?

Manager proved itself with a large scale project we carried out. We deployed new in-house software for every program we use across the plant. Manager was an invaluable tool while this process was going on.

How/where has Manager added value?

Manager has saved us time as we no longer need to manually visit each office/user to solve their issues – everything is done from one single point.

Would you recommend Manager?


Stanley Security Solutions Case Study

February 7th, 2022 by

What is your role at your organization?

I conduct technical training on a wide variety of electronic security products and software platforms.

A typical training class consists of electronic security hardware, security software, computer configurations, and configuration of networked security devices.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

All training is software based with up to twelve participants per training session. Everyone has their own computer workstation and security hardware to work with during classes. All classes are hands-on.

Pre Covid-19 shutdown, all training classes were conducted in person at our headquarters location. Training class participant computers could be projected onto the primary display or screen in the training room for troubleshooting and discussion purposes.

Post Covid-19 shutdown, all training classes were transitioned to a remote hands-on format. SoftLINK provides the ability to display a participant’s computer to the training class as needed and I can display anything from the instructor computer as needed. SoftLINK is used while conducting training classes using an additional remote management tool that allows me to provide remote access to a central training lab.

This capability replicates the in-person experience, well almost. All training classes are a hands-on training format with little dependence on documentation. We work with the platforms to learn them.

What SoftLINK features do you find are used the most and why?

I primarily use the remote desktop display during training sessions to demonstrate software troubleshooting configurations between training class participants. This provides a similar experience of being in a live training lab and projecting participant computers onto a large monitor or projection screen.

Documentation is also transferred during the session as needed from the instructor station. This is especially useful for final lab exercises and supplemental documentation during training classes.

How has SoftLINK helped Stanley Security Solutions?

SoftLINK has helped maintain the look and feel of in-person computer-based training classes despite the conversion to a remote hands-on delivery model.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc?

Customer service has been very prompt and professional. I have not had to contact customer service for any support issues. The software installs easily and has worked exactly as advertised with no issues. I am confident, any technical issues that I encounter would be handled promptly and efficiently.

What would you say to other organizations facing the same challenges?

This platform is extremely helpful to keep interaction between participants and instructors engaging even during times of operating in a completely remote format.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?

Organizations conducting training in a software lab environment could benefit from SoftLINK and the feature sets it provides. It is easy to install & configure. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Albrecht, Incorporated Case Study

January 13th, 2022 by

Tell us about Albrecht, Incorporated…

Albrecht Incorporated is a 5th generation family business founded in Akron, Ohio in 1932. We were founded to acquire, develop and manage the real estate assets of a related family business, The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company, which operates today as Acme Fresh Market grocery chain.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

The main challenge we wanted to solve was to create a remote desktop connection to users’ computers from my office.

Why did you choose Manager?

Manager is very cost effective and you’re not obligated to buy licenses in a block. It was fairly easy to set up initially, but became more so as upgrades were made to the product over time.

” Manager has proved invaluable to me…”

How is the software currently being used in your organization?

I use it to remotely manage users’ desktops in our office and at our remote office and troubleshoot issues they are having, install updates to software, etc. I don’t use all of the features, but Manager has proved invaluable to me. We are a small company and my time is stretched between many projects. So the time I’ve saved troubleshooting issues has been invaluable. We have used the software for many years and have not had any problems with it.

How/where has Manager added value?

Manager has meant increased productivity for me and the user. I don’t have to travel to remote locations or users’ desks to investigate issues. I can work on more than one issue at a time by logging into multiple computers at the same time, meaning that the user’s issue can be resolved sooner.

Would you recommend Manager?


The Egging Company Case Study

January 12th, 2022 by

Tell us about The Egging Company…

The Egging Company offers complete, start-to-finish processing of heavy steel plates, from burning, shearing, and welding to painting and more. We’ve provided the highest quality steel fabrications to both small and large customers with a wide diversity of needs since 1957.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

Our company is spread across two facilities and so we needed a remote control solution to help support and manage users from one single point while also being able to manage and control what websites staff use and how frequently.

Why did you choose our solutions?

We chose DNA which also includes the remote control tools we needed due to ease of use and its range of features. We were particularly keen on the web metering tools to ensure staff remain productive. However other tools such as power management and real-time screen visuals are also great.

How is the software currently being used in your organization?

We use the remote control tools (Manager) to maintain and work on PCs and servers across both sites, while we use DNA for internet filtering and monitoring.

How/where has DNA & Manager added value?

We have used DNA and Manager for many years and over the time it has saved us money and time, plus increased productivity and performance. For example I don’t have to go to every PC for issues/management, and if I do installs or updates, I can do several at one time. It suits our needs perfectly and we have always been happy with it.

Sense Corp Case Study

January 13th, 2021 by

What challenges were you trying to solve?

Key User Training Remote interaction with possible use during End User Training and meetings.

How has SoftLINK helped Sense Corp?

Provided a solution that met all but one client requirement.

What SoftLINK features do you find are used the most and why?

The ability to view multiple screens at once and interact with users 1:1 and 1:Many.

What would you say to other organizations facing the same challenges?

When meeting face to face isn’t possible, as with facing this Covid-19 pandemic, SoftLink is the next best option.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc?

Todd Broceus was responsive, professional and most of all patient as we navigated client needs, system configurations, trainings, etc. When you enjoy working with someone it’s easier to get through/face the challenges together.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?


PSI Metals, GmbH Case Study

January 12th, 2021 by

What challenges were you trying to solve?

All of our trainings involve hands-on exercises by our students using a virtualized copy of our software running in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We often need to help or check the student’s work during these exercises and this, of course, can be done by just walking around the room in an in-person training. However, like many companies, we are now forced to conduct trainings remotely and needed a way to simulate this experience. I found SoftLink while searching for virtual classroom software.

How has SoftLINK helped PSI Metals, GmbH?

Using the above mentioned features of SoftLink has been invaluable to us during these remote trainings. It has undoubtedly saved dozens of hours of work across multiple trainers and training sessions. It’s easy to use, seamless to the trainee and easy to show new trainers how to use it.

What SoftLINK features do you find are used the most and why?

At the moment, we are only using the features to be able to view the screen of the trainees and connect to their AWS instances and help to troubleshoot any issues during the exercises. We may look at using other features in the future (surveys, feedback, etc) but for now, this one feature meets our needs.

What would you say to other organizations facing the same challenges?

Many of us are now facing this uncertain future of providing detailed, live, in-person trainings now online. We are not your typical e-Learning environment so having an instructor interact with the
students during a session is critical. Although there is a lot lost in not having face-to-face interaction, employing tools like SoftLink have made this difficult situation exponentially better. Our customers and employees appreciate the functionality it provides and the small cost to implement the system is well-worth the time saved trying to troubleshoot one person at time in a remote environment.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc?

From the very first pre-sales calls to explain my somewhat-unique environment and requirements, Todd was really helpful. He was patient, he took time to understand our needs and he helped to troubleshoot several setup issues during our 30-day trial (having to do with our environment, not the software) to make sure that we could prove that SoftLink could do what we needed it to do to support our training needs.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?

Without hesitation, yes.

OLV Human Services Case Study

January 12th, 2021 by

What challenges were you trying to solve?

Monitoring computer access for students attending school within the secure juvenile detention facility.

How has SoftLINK helped OLV Human Services?

It allows the teacher to monitor all student computers in her classroom and gives peace of mind that students are working on appropriate and educational sites.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc?

Monica is wonderful! She is professional and organized.

What would you say to other organizations facing the same challenges?

Softlink can work in any classroom with any type of students to help teachers monitor computer activity.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?

Absolutely! It is the best software on the market in my opinion with 13 years in education.

Ameren Missouri Callaway Energy Center Uses Classroom Management Software

January 30th, 2014 by

"classroom management software"


Ameren Corporation is among the nation’s largest investor-owned utility companies and is the parent holding company of Ameren Illinois and Ameren Missouri.  Currently Ameren employs approximately 8,500 individuals and provides energy services to approximately 2.4 million electric customers and 900,000 natural gas customers.  Their service area covers nearly 64,000 square miles in Illinois and Missouri.  Ameren generates its electricity using a variety of sources including coal, gas, solar, and nuclear power.


Michele Waller is the Senior Training Supervisor for the Instructional Systems Development at Ameren’s Callaway Energy Center.  Among her many tasks, she is responsible for all aspects of accreditation, administration, and initial and continuing training for her site’s location.  Ms. Waller coordinates the instructor curriculum and the oversight training committee at the Callaway site as well.

“For instructional purposes, the training department at the nuclear facility wanted an alternative method of utilizing media and PowerPoint in the classroom,” says Ms. Waller.  Ameren found that SoftLINK classroom management software met these goals and provided much more.  It makes sense that they came to Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) to help them solve their problem.  ACS had already been working with the Callaway site for more than a decade.  ACS originally installed a hardware LINK System at the site in 1996 which was fully functional up to the uninstall date of 2006, the year Callaway decided to migrate over to SoftLINK.  ACS has specialized in classroom management solutions since the early 1980’s and has become a preferred source for hardware and software computer class management products.

Another obstacle faced was the scope of the site’s training staff.  “Callaway has approximately 35 instructors who are constantly faced with providing new and creative methods of presentation.”  The solution that Ameren chose needed to be intuitive and easy to learn, two of SoftLINK’s key selling points.


SoftLINK fits right in to Ameren’s media rich training environment.  During the daily training sessions, instructors typically broadcast their presentation directly to the student screens.  Not only does this provide the optimum viewing experience for the students but it also prevents anyone from straying from the subject matter.  “Keeping students involved in the presentation and making sure they are at the same point as the instructor” is key states Ms. Waller.

Often enough, instructors get frustrated knowing that the students are checking their email, looking at social media sites, or playing games while they are in class.  Ms. Waller tells us that SoftLINK has eliminated those worries.  “Instructors can maintain control of student computers during presentations and ensure that students are on track.”

SoftLINK also provides instructors with the ability to block any application that exists on a workstation and the ability to block any number of websites or the web entirely.  “The added benefit of controlling the access to other software or websites while in class” is invaluable.  The first and foremost goal is to keep the students on task and on the topic at hand.

In addition to the exceptional features that are found in SoftLINK, ACS also provides toll-free support for all of their products.  Whenever an instructor has a question, they can simply call or email the customer support agents at ACS and they receive precise and prompt answers.  Ms. Waller says that “ACS is very helpful when dealing with questions and issues” that may arise.

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. offers free, live, online demonstrations of SoftLINK.  A full featured 30-day trial is also available for download.  SoftLINK is used in computer classrooms to effectively enhance the teaching and learning process. It improves retention rates and keeps students on task.