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SoftLINK Keeps Students on Task at Crow Creek Tribal Schools


Crow Creek Tribal Schools is a BIA/Grant K12 school with approximately 500 students, located on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota.  Jim Fallis, Technology Coordinator explains the challenges teachers were facing in the classroom and how SoftLINK was the solution to their problems.

“We were lacking the ability to monitor our student(s) while on desktops.  Teacher(s) would have to walk around the classroom to keep our student(s) on task.  It was difficult for a teacher to tell whether a student was following along with class work or surfing the internet and visiting non-related school approved websites,” explains Jim Fallis, Technology Coordinator.

Jim continues, “With the implementation of SoftLINK installed our teacher(s) can now monitor all student workstations from their desktop.”  Being able to monitor students’ computer activity keeps students on task and decreases their desire to surf during instruction time.  With less distractions to contend with, retention rates increase as well.

SoftLINK also offers another excellent tool for computer classrooms, content filtering using SafeSearch.  “The content filtering has been awesome for us.  The student(s) are definitely kept on task.  Our teachers get a lot of use out of the other features also.”  Safe Search overrides the default search engine preferences and forces them to provide kid-safe results.

We have a very good relationship with Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS).  Anytime I have needed technical support they have been very helpful and knowledgeable.  “I would say their customer service and technical support would definitely be a 10+.”

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