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Watkins H.S. has great success with the LINK System


“We needed a way to effectively put information in front of our students”, explains Teresa.  Teresa was also looking for a way to keep the students on task and eliminate the ‘surfing’ during her instruction time.

After evaluating the LINK System, Watkins High School purchased several LINK Projection Systems (LPS-II) for their technology classrooms.  They also chose to have the qualified technicians of Applied Computer Systems install them.

“Every student has a computer and the ability to broadcast directly to their screen instead of a projected image in the front of the room is awesome.  For many students, having the information right in front of them is a much more effective tool than general classroom projection.  It is also nice to have the ability to blank the computers so that students are not ‘surfing’ during instruction,” says Teresa.

Teresa expresses that the most useful features are both the ability to project to the students’ screens and to blank their screens when needed.  She goes on to say that the video works much better on a hardware classroom management system versus a software solution.

The LINK Projection System is currently setup in three classrooms at Watkins High School.  The LINK System equipment is used daily throughout the school year with great success.  Teresa rates ACS’s customer service as exemplary and her overall experience with our products as top notch.

PDF:  SouthwestLickingCaseStudy

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