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Buckeye Career Center Benefits from the LINK System in CAD Lab


Timothy Sheehy, Computer Assisted Drafting teacher at Buckeye Career Center, enjoys teaching and watching his students’ advance in their knowledge of CAD. The biggest obstacle he has found during his many years of teaching is the physical layout of his classroom. The layout inhibits the students’ view of his demonstrations shown on his projection screen.

Mr. Sheehy was searching for a solution to resolve this obstacle and learned about the LINK System computer management system at a school seminar. He also looked into a software computer management system but found the LINK System was the best solution for his CAD lab.

The Composite LINK System is a computer classroom management system that offers students the opportunity to clearly see demonstrations on their own screens. Mr. Sheehy’s students now can see the fine lines and details of the CAD program at any workstation in the classroom, something that is nearly impossible to clearly see on an overhead projector. The students are happy that they can now watch his demonstration on their monitor without having to reposition themselves in order to obtain a better view.

Mr. Sheehy can also remotely access a student’s video, keyboard, and mouse to simply observe their progress or to help them through a problem. If he notices multiple students are experiencing a similar problem, he can then help a group of students work through the problem by broadcasting one student’s screen to the remainder of the class. Collaboratively, he can step those students through the problem with the video distribution of the LINK System. It is amazing how the LINK System can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process for the class. Mr. Sheehy also uses the LINKCET software to electronically administer tests. Once the test has been delivered to each student he can view their progress as they work through the test. Once the student’s complete the test, the results will be displayed on his screen and he has the ability to store these results as a CSV file, later to be imported into his grade book. He can even allow the students to view their test results immediately following the test’s completion.

Many classrooms today are setup with a single monitor for the instructor and the students, but Mr. Sheehy’s classroom is setup with dual monitors at both the instructor’s and students’ desks. He particularly likes this arrangement because as he projects his lesson onto one screen the students can work through the lesson on the other screen following his lead.

With the LINK System he says he is “finding it to be ergonomically beneficial to all the students, exciting and fun delivery of content, eliminated the “bad seat” conditions, and beneficial to instructor’s time and amount of content to be delivered.”

Sheehy continues to say, “The most useful features are transmit, testing, student view, and keyboard/mouse control. My overall experience with the LINK System and Applied Computer Systems, Inc. is wonderful.”

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. offers free onsite demonstrations of the LINK System. The LINK System is used in computer classrooms to effectively enhance the teaching and learning process. It improves retention rates and keeps students on task. It is a cost-effective computer classroom management system built to last for many years.

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