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Herring Stores Case Study

Tell us about your company?

Herring Stores is a chain of 5 convenience stores based in South Devon and uses Manager across a number of their locations. The software solution is used through the company’s epos provider, allowing a link between each site to send product files. In addition, Herring Stores uses Manager for remote access to different sites so work can take place from another branch.

What initial challenges did you encounter and how has Manager solved them?

Before the integration of Manager, we would have to travel from site to site to work on individual systems. Now, we can dial in from any branch or even work from home to access the various sites.

How has Manager contributed to your organization?

Travel costs are down as we no longer have to journey to and from different locations – all thanks to the remote access provided by Manager. This also consequently helps us to save time.

Which features have stood out to you?

The features we have found to be the most beneficial are the mobile application and chat.

Do you have any other comments?

I would describe Manager as easy to connect to and one of the best, most versatile pieces of software on the market

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