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SoftLINK Version 12.50

Refreshed User Interface

SoftLINK now features a completely refreshed user interface to make it even easier to identify and navigate to features. Users can also switch between a basic and advanced toolbar – which makes it more accessible to new teachers.

SoftLINK New User Interface

Reset System Passwords

One of the most common issues for IT technicians is students forgetting their passwords. Now, teachers can take on the role of resetting network passwords via their task bar, allowing the students quicker access to their devices and ensuring that lesson disruption is kept to a minimum.

New PowerShell Feature

A PowerShell window can now be launched from the console to quickly and easily execute PowerShell commands at a selected Windows Client.

New Deployment Enhancements

SoftLINK Deploy now offers a more intuitive interface for locating and deploying to machines and allows you to quickly locate machines local to the Tutor.

Improved Performance

Teachers can maximize lesson time even further with enhanced file transfer and distribution speeds.

Disable Webcams

Webcams on classroom devices can now be disabled, which not only helps support a school’s eSafety policy but also helps to maintain students’ focus during lessons.

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