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SoftLINK Instructional Monitoring and Management Software Introduction

SoftLINK is the market-leading classroom software solution that provides instructors with an array of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control features to help maximize the benefit of technology-led instruction.

SoftLINK is an essential part of the digital classroom. SoftLINK provides the ability to organize and deliver lesson content, work collaboratively, and monitor trainee workstations. With its many tools, an instructor can ensure trainees stay focused at all times. All of SoftLINK’s features are included with a license purchase, including the dedicated instructor interface, SoftLINK Assistant, and Technician module.

  • Trainee feedback visuals to gauge well being and topic confidence
  • ‘Easy’ user mode to support technology-shy instructors
  • Versions for all leading PC and tablet platforms
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • Show or broadcast instructor screen to trainees
  • Show or broadcast trainee screen to remainder of class
  • Live view of trainee thumbnails
  • View and control trainees’ screens
  • Testing, quiz, and survey components
  • Audio monitoring and language lab tools
  • Internet metering, filtering, and control
  • Application metering, filtering, and control
  • Digital student revision aids
  • Printer management
  • Electronically distribute and collect work
  • Dedicated Technicians’ Console
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