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What kind of urgent messages can you send with Notify?

The premise of Notify’s mass notification software is getting your message out to lots of people all at once. It’s for instances where you want all of your staff to know something all at the same time.

Notify’s urgent messages go to staff computers and take a central position on the screen on top of everything else. They can also appear on display screens in communal areas – such as foyers, canteens and meeting rooms – so that everyone is informed, even when they’re away from their desks.

What kind of messages are we talking about?


As workers head back to offices in the weeks and months to come, management might want to remind them to remain vigilant regarding hygiene, especially after all that we’ve been through! So, for example, they could use the dedicated ‘Health update’ template to send out a message to remind people to use the hand sanitizer stationed around the building – or to wash their own cups and plates in the kitchen.

In addition, it’s great for those one-off situations where all staff need to act, e.g., “Electrical contractors will be in overnight, so please turn off your computer before you leave.”


Every business has its regular routines and sometimes it’s good to remind staff when something is about to happen. Sending a message reminding them that “The fire alarm will be tested today at 11 am” is not only courteous but will a) stop people from jumping out of their seats when it happens, and b) enable them to make that telephone call a couple of minutes later when it’s all over!

Likewise, a message to inform everyone that “The email server will be down for maintenance from 5 pm” will help them know when best to write and send theirs.


This is where Notify really excels: when there’s a disaster. We had a prime example in our offices recently when we experienced a substantial flood in our kitchen. So, had we all been on the premises and not working from home, an NSN message would have been perfect to tell us not to go anywhere near!

Similarly, if there’s an accident and you need to call for a First Aider, an intruder has been spotted in a restricted area or a suspicious package has been left somewhere – these are all great examples of where a Notify alert can let multiple people know of a situation instantly. 

And the bonus is…

Regular management of contacts isn’t necessary with Notify, as it syncs with Active Directory. It means it’s quick and easy to use – even with employees working remotely from home. With a few changes to its configuration, you can include these workers in notifications such as, “We are currently experiencing issues with the web server” or “New online resources are now available at xx” and all staff computers that are connected to the internet and the Notify Server will receive them. It’s the perfect way to ensure that WFH staff are not excluded from any important ‘need to know’ items.

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