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Set Up Remote Training in 3 Simple Steps

Manager Gateway

Corporations and government entities are trying to conduct remote instructor-led training classes, but they are running into a few obstacles.  One of the most common obstacles is how can instructors connect to trainees who are required to work from home? Second, how does an instructor share their screen with the trainees? Finally, how can an instructor see all the trainee screens? 

Regardless of where your trainees are located and the platforms used, our Manager award-winning secure remote control and instructional software makes it easy for trainers to connect trainees anywhere.

How does it work?

Simply install the Manager software on each instructor computer and on each trainee computer.

Manager works great over a LAN, WAN or the internet.  The best way to connect to computers outside your network is to use Manager’s Gateway.  This will provide a secure connection.  The Gateway will allow you to securely connect to trainees and access resources on your computer while you are instructing from home.

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