Keep customer and financial data secure with Manager

January 6th, 2023 by

Take financial security to the next level…

While it’s imperative to consider IT security for every industry, it’s critical for banking and financial institutions to ensure their customers’ financial details are highly secure – and for that, only the best solutions will do! Manager has been trusted by organizations across the globe to do just that for over 33 years.

Using our highly secure remote control solution, Manager, financial institutions can boost security across their IT networks, while technicians gains tools to provide quick effective support, monitor endpoints, and identify any vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Ensure sensitive data remains truly secure with the high-quality security credentials Manager offers, plus rest assured knowing that all data can be kept securely on-site, without the risk incurred by connecting to a third-party server.

Discover what our customer, Insuring America, has to say: “Manager is a fantastic solution with a great set of features! It has very minimal demand of system resources and extreme flexibility.”

Learn how Manager supports the financial industry here.

Secure Remote IT Support & Control for any industry

October 27th, 2022 by

Remote control software now plays a vital part in any organization, no matter the industry they operate in. As the complexity and diversity of systems evolves, remote control tools have also had to adapt to ensure that a single technology solution can manage and negotiate a wide range of platforms and environments.

How can Manager help?

With its super secure features, Manager, is perfect to support any industry with IT support and remote device management. Take things to the next level with top-notch remote support tools for highly secure real-time management of critical systems, servers, and users – all from a central point to ensure problems are fixed quickly and downtime is minimized.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers had to say:

Plus, discover more about Manager below to find out how it can help support your industry!

3 Big Tech Goals & How Clever Technology Gets Delivered

February 7th, 2022 by

Trackable objectives, targets, KPIs – call them what you will, businesses devote an awful lot of time to them in pursuit of their goals. They’re critical, as without them, companies would be directionless, unorganized, unproductive and, frankly, wouldn’t remain solvent for long!

In today’s digital workplace, we’re all aware of how much we rely on our tech tools to help us do our jobs well. And with the constant drive towards being ever more efficient and productive, technology is usually a key player in enabling these improvements to happen. So when things go wrong with it, there can be a tangible impact and the effects are felt not just personally (as we lose valuable work time) but also as a business (when targets are missed due to IT downtime).

Keeping things moving

Over and above all of the detailed company activity, the vast majority of organizations have three big goals in common: to save time, save money and keep their systems secure. Success in achieving these begins with the IT team and its ability to keep the company’s tech moving – avoiding extended downtime and its impacts.

Businesses across the world have been using our remote-control solution, Manager, to do just this – and plenty of them have relied on it for many, many years. Why? Because it’s a full-featured, mature solution that has been tried and tested in all sorts of environments – and it delivers!

Let’s take a look at how Manager can help your organization’s big goals…

Goal 1: Save time

With Manager, your IT team members can quickly respond to all sorts of IT issues across multiple sites in any location (without the need for firewall configuration) – all from their workstations. The unique PIN Connect feature makes connections effortless, as the technician and user simply enter the same unique PIN to create a quick and easy connection.

Complementary tools also allow remote hands-on access, including the ability to remotely power on and off a computer and remotely log in to a PC, as well as a powerful scripting and scheduling suite to enable routine tasks to be automated and run at pre-defined intervals.

In addition to supporting simple tasks such as sending files from machine A to B, Manager goes one step further by offering one-to-many file distribution; the ability to transfer a file from one PC to any number of selected computers in a single action – for example, ensuring staff across the company can receive important documents simultaneously.

With its one-to-many capabilities, such as monitoring multiple systems in real time and showing your screen to multiple recipients, you can multi-task more effectively by running multiple support sessions at once and switching between them when needed.

Goal 2: Save money

With its multi-platform support and flexible network options (LAN, WAN or the internet), Manager provides a single solution for remote control access across any organization, of any size – all without the need for a third-party service, ongoing subscription costs or manual visits.

The single solution approach also helps protect against unnecessary costs associated with using and maintaining multiple tools for remote access, which can be time-consuming and a potential security risk.

Manager’s unique range of supporting tools also ensures maximum efficiency and, most importantly, the minimum level of system downtime and lost productivity as support issues are being addressed. For example, you can quickly view and remotely edit the registry of a remote computer without any interaction with – or interruption to – the desktop user, ensuring productivity levels aren’t affected.

Goal 3: Stay secure

Manager is the choice of military and financial institutions across the globe, simply because it goes above and beyond industry standards.

A free, unique Gateway allows systems across the internet to connect securely and communicate without the need to use a third party-hosted solution, so you retain full control of your data.

Manager also uses four levels of encryption: from activity logs and user acknowledgements to 256-bit encryption, smartcard support, AD integration and more – allowing you to control exactly who has access to what and when.

Learn more about the other ways Manager can help with your company’s goals, right here!

Proven Way to Take Control of Unmanned Devices

February 2nd, 2022 by

Our world is becoming increasingly driven by technology and it’s now in places where previously it never would have been dreamed of. For instance, it’s not that long since pasting posters on billboards was a way that companies advertised; now, digital signage displays show not just one poster, but cycle around a number of them, to maximize the opportunity to catch consumers’ attention. Things are becoming more digitized all the time – and not just in this area.

So when we talk about remote control solutions, hands up: who immediately thinks of remote support for staff PCs? Of course, that’s one important role, but there’s another secret world where they really excel!

Clever solutions for clever tech

Not every technology device that contains software needs a human sitting next to it. Think factory robots in manufacturing, cash machines, and credit/debit card payment machines. They’re all working away tirelessly by themselves each day but, inevitably, sometimes things go wrong or updates will need to be applied and it’s simply not time or cost-effective for IT technicians to go out and see to each and every one.

Remote control software helps IT teams to keep all of these kinds of company devices operational, all from a central location. So whether it’s the check-in screen in your doctor’s waiting room, a kiosk-based machine out in the public arena, or even the jukebox in your local restaurant chain, you can bet they’re being looked after by an IT team with a remote control solution somewhere out there!

Check out Manager

If your company needs to maintain unmanned devices such as the ones mentioned here, then be sure to check out Manager. It’s at the top of its game, having led the way with innovative features to manage technology remotely and securely for over 30 years.

Expand Traditional Classroom Instruction – Train Remotely Using Manager!

April 10th, 2020 by
Manager Video Conferencing

What are the three most commonly asked questions training coordinators and IT Directors are asking since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

  1. Can an instructor view both a trainee’s webcam and computer screen at the same time to provide remote control and assistance?
  2. While an instructor is connected to their trainees, can they also have audio communication with the class? 
  3. Can an instructor view all the student screens and webcams at the same time, and if needed, remotely control the student’s keyboard/mouse?

The answer to all three questions is YES!  By pairing Manager’s remote monitoring and control software with a video web conferencing service, you will be able to accomplish all of these functions and more. Some commonly used video conferencing options are WebEx, Zoom, and GoToMeeting.

Our remote training solution, Manager, allows instructors to provide support to their clients during a training session, regardless of their location, using its unique secure Gateway. Instructors can remotely view all attendee screens, share the instructor’s screen, or chat with attendees. Attendees are able to request help through the Manager interface. In such instances, instructors can assist a trainee by remotely controlling their keyboard and mouse, just as easily as if they were in the same room.

Using Manager with Video Conferencing Services

How do you set this up and gain the best of both worlds? Find a second monitor for your instructor’s computer, if you don’t already have one. An extended desktop is a must for ease of use. Now that you have at least two screens, simply position the Manager console on one monitor and your video conferencing window on the other. Voila, you can now view your trainee screens on one screen while viewing your trainee webcams on the other!

Use Manager free for 3 months* (on up to 200 devices), and learn how Manager goes the extra mile to help businesses save time and money!

* For a limited time
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Set Up Remote Training in 3 Simple Steps

March 28th, 2020 by
Manager Gateway

Corporations and government entities are trying to conduct remote instructor-led training classes, but they are running into a few obstacles.  One of the most common obstacles is how can instructors connect to trainees who are required to work from home? Second, how does an instructor share their screen with the trainees? Finally, how can an instructor see all the trainee screens? 

Regardless of where your trainees are located and the platforms used, our Manager award-winning secure remote control and instructional software makes it easy for trainers to connect trainees anywhere.

How does it work?

Simply install the Manager software on each instructor computer and on each trainee computer.

Manager works great over a LAN, WAN or the internet.  The best way to connect to computers outside your network is to use Manager’s Gateway.  This will provide a secure connection.  The Gateway will allow you to securely connect to trainees and access resources on your computer while you are instructing from home.

Help Staff Working at Home with Free Remote-Control Tools

March 25th, 2020 by
Remotely Work From Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are implementing employee work from home procedures as advised by medical authorities. This social distancing is critical to help prevent and limit the spread of the virus – and in the process save lives.

Technology plays a key role in making this transition as smooth as possible, during this unprecedented time in recent history.  Companies have an immediate need to access their company computer systems, and provide secure remote support to their employees while working from home.  Regardless of where your critical systems, servers and end-users are located (and the platforms used), Manager’s award-winning, secure, remote-control tools make it easy for IT teams to quickly respond to computer issues across multiple sites in any geographical location.  Manager allows anyone with administrative privileges to remotely access any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Manager is designed to operate over your LAN, WAN or the internet, securely and without the need for firewall configuration. Manager provides a single, high speed solution for the remote management of multi-platform computers – without the need for a third-party service or ongoing subscription costs.

Most importantly Manager provides remote workers with easy access to their work desktop, so they can continue to work as if they were in the office.  In an effort to help with this new work environment, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. is offering the use of Manager for free for the next ninety (90) days to ensure that companies can continue to do business as usual, without time, money, and valuable resources being lost due to IT issues.

*Manager cannot be installed on any devices already using SoftLINK, although a SoftLINK upgrade package is available for clients with a maintained SoftLINK license.