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Help Staff Working at Home with Free Remote-Control Tools

Remotely Work From Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are implementing employee work from home procedures as advised by medical authorities. This social distancing is critical to help prevent and limit the spread of the virus – and in the process save lives.

Technology plays a key role in making this transition as smooth as possible, during this unprecedented time in recent history.  Companies have an immediate need to access their company computer systems, and provide secure remote support to their employees while working from home.  Regardless of where your critical systems, servers and end-users are located (and the platforms used), Manager’s award-winning, secure, remote-control tools make it easy for IT teams to quickly respond to computer issues across multiple sites in any geographical location.  Manager allows anyone with administrative privileges to remotely access any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Manager is designed to operate over your LAN, WAN or the internet, securely and without the need for firewall configuration. Manager provides a single, high speed solution for the remote management of multi-platform computers – without the need for a third-party service or ongoing subscription costs.

Most importantly Manager provides remote workers with easy access to their work desktop, so they can continue to work as if they were in the office.  In an effort to help with this new work environment, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. is offering the use of Manager for free for the next ninety (90) days to ensure that companies can continue to do business as usual, without time, money, and valuable resources being lost due to IT issues.

*Manager cannot be installed on any devices already using SoftLINK, although a SoftLINK upgrade package is available for clients with a maintained SoftLINK license.

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