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Keep customer and financial data secure with Manager

Take financial security to the next level…

While it’s imperative to consider IT security for every industry, it’s critical for banking and financial institutions to ensure their customers’ financial details are highly secure – and for that, only the best solutions will do! Manager has been trusted by organizations across the globe to do just that for over 33 years.

Using our highly secure remote control solution, Manager, financial institutions can boost security across their IT networks, while technicians gains tools to provide quick effective support, monitor endpoints, and identify any vulnerabilities to reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Ensure sensitive data remains truly secure with the high-quality security credentials Manager offers, plus rest assured knowing that all data can be kept securely on-site, without the risk incurred by connecting to a third-party server.

Discover what our customer, Insuring America, has to say: “Manager is a fantastic solution with a great set of features! It has very minimal demand of system resources and extreme flexibility.”

Learn how Manager supports the financial industry here.

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