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Searching For a Classroom Management Solution, Look No Further!

California State University, Fullerton is a major regional university serving Orange County, metropolitan Los Angeles, and the expanding Inland Empire. The university sprawls over a beautiful 236-acre campus in north Orange County and currently boasts an enrollment of more than 37,000 students and a staff of 1,800.  Since authorized to be the 12th degree granting institution by California Legislature in 1957, Cal State Fullerton has seen more than 228,000 graduates pass through its campus.

Don Kipp, a member of Cal State Fullerton’s Kinesiology and Health Science Department, recalls “Our faculty wanted to have the options to blank, transmit or control student workstations.” They found that the LINK System performs each of their “wish-list” functions with ease, while providing additional functionality.  “I would recommend any type of academic university needing this product to look no further,” advises Mr. Kipp.

“Ease of use is a key selling point for the LINK System,” says Todd Broceus, President of Applied Computer Systems, Inc (ACS). “The classroom management system is controlled by a simple-to-use touch screen interface.  Contrary to some classroom management solutions, which have large learning curves associated with them because of their complex interface, the LINK System takes a minimalist approach to its interface.  An instructor can fully operate a LINK System within minutes of being instructed on its use.”

One of the many LINK Systems that Cal State Fullerton has purchased over the past 16 years is installed in Department of Kinesiology which focuses on the study of human movement. The mission of Cal State Fullerton’s Kinesiology program is to advance the understanding and practice of human movement across the lifespan within the context of a diverse and changing society.

Mr. Kipp states “In our Kinesiology lab the Hybrid LINK System has been well received by faculty and students alike.” As with most customers, the LINK System’s Blank All feature is one of the touted features.  Blank All allows instructors to turn off the video feed to each student’s monitor, obtaining each student’s focus and undivided attention immediately.  “Faculty that teach in the room absolutely love the Blank All function, it makes the faculty member feel like students are getting the most from their lectures,” expresses Mr. Kipp.  In addition to its blanking capability, the LINK System provides a diverse assortment of features.  Instructors are able to monitor student screens, broadcast full-motion video to each workstation, or project any student screen to the remainder of the class.

Along with its extraordinary array of classroom management products, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. provides world-class support to each and every customer. “ACS is one of the most professional companies I’ve ever had to deal with, very courteous and their tech support is top notch;” very high praise from a professional of Mr. Kipp’s stature.  ACS stands behind each product that it manufactures and uses the most stringent guidelines during its testing phases.  It is not uncommon for a LINK System to last more than a decade prior to it being replaced or upgraded.

Want to experience a LINK System first-hand? Inquire about our 14 day trial and see for yourself how a LINK System can completely alter your way of teaching.  You too will find it is an indispensable tool in the classroom.  Speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 800-237-5465 or visit our website at

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