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Technology Instructor Could Not Function Without a LINK Video Networking System

St. Mary School is a Catholic school located in Chardon, Ohio, just thirty miles east of Cleveland, Ohio. The Church of Saint Mary’s was built in 1908 and moved to its current location in 1931.  In 1952, twenty two acres of land was purchased with the vision of building St. Mary School.  That vision was completed in 1961 when the school’s doors were first opened.  Since that time, St. Mary School strives to develop each student’s potential in an environment of Faith, in cooperation with the Family, and with a vision for the Future.

St. Mary School needed a way to manage the students in their computer lab more efficiently. The lab is used to teach students of all ages, from kindergarten to eighth grade.  They were looking for a solution that would work well for all of the age groups.  St. Mary School first purchased and installed a LinkNET LINK System in 2000.  They later upgraded the LINK System instructor equipment in 2011, but opted to leave the student equipment in place.  Amazingly, St. Mary School is still using the same LINK System student hardware that was sold to them in 2000.  After fourteen years of service, the equipment is still functioning as it did on the day it was first installed.

Kathy Lyons, the Technology Instructor for the school, has been using the LINK System for years with celebrated success. When asked how she would rate her experience with the LINK System, Mrs. Lyons emphatically states “Excellent, I could not function without it, especially for the primary grades.”  Applied Computer Systems, Inc. and its employees are proud to hear her sterling praise of the LINK System, a product that was first patented by the company founder in 1984.  “Receiving rave reviews from customers is something we never tire of,” reveals Todd Broceus, President of ACS.  “As an elite provider in the educational industry, ACS has been providing innovative classroom management solutions for over thirty years now and we are continually improving on our technological offerings.  We work with one goal in mind, to strive to provide each of our customers with services and solutions that they cannot live without.”

The LINK System has a wide array of features, all accessible via its simple-to-use touchscreen interface. When asked how the LINK System benefits her most, Mrs. Lyons cannot narrow the answer down to just one feature.  “The feature that benefits me the most is to be able to control each individual computer and also to be able to demonstrate procedures to the class on their individual computer,” replies Mrs. Lyons.  The LINK System allows her to not only remotely view a student’s screen but also the ability to remotely control the computer as well.  Prior to students starting their assignments, she is able to demonstrate the proper procedure to her students by transmitting, or broadcasting, her instructor screen to the student screens.  “I use the system all the time to show students how to do different projects step by step.”  Her classroom is equipped with two televisions that are used as projectors, but as is the case with many classrooms, they do not provide each student with a perfect view.  Displaying the instructor’s desktop on each student’s monitor ensures that each student has a pristine view, regardless of their location in the classroom.  Furthermore, the LINK System delivers a live video feed to each monitor, providing the user with full-motion capabilities that are just not possible with a software classroom management solution.  If the video is on the instructor’s screen, the instructor can rest assured that it is being displayed on the students’ screens as well with no lag or degradation in video quality.

A LINK System provides many benefits, but one of the most commonly addressed is the amount of time that can be saved when using one. Mrs. Lyons indicates “One of the biggest benefits is it is much quicker to be at the computer and help students with questions than to walk around and help students.” If a student has a problem, the student can select Help from their Windows Taskbar, and the teacher will be alerted immediately.  The teacher does not need to go to the student’s desk; she can simply receive, or view, the student’s screen from her desk.  If the student needs further assistance, the teacher can take control of the student’s keyboard and mouse and guide them even further.

The LINK System also saves time by minimizing a teacher’s effort when trying to gain the class’s attention. In a typical classroom, a teacher must verbally gain everyone’s attention, which has varying degrees of success.  However, when using a LINK System, a teacher can gain each student’s undivided attention instantly by initiating the Blank All feature.  When Blank All is enabled, each student’s monitor is immediately turned off, taking away any distraction that the computer may provide for the students.  When the teacher is finished with his or her announcements, the students’ screens are restored by selecting Reset.

During the most recent visit to St. Mary School by an ACS representative, Mrs. Lyons was shocked yet pleased to learn that the LINK System is compatible with iPads and other mobile devices. By simply plugging the device’s video adapter into the LINK System’s auxiliary input, a teacher can broadcast the output of an iPad, Android, or other mobile device to each student’s monitor.  Any device with a video output can be connected to the LINK System, the possibilities are endless!  Just one more way the LINK System can positively impact the learning experience in the classroom.

Want to experience a LINK System first-hand? Inquire about our 14 day trial and see for yourself how a LINK System can completely alter your way of teaching.  You too will find it is an indispensable tool in the classroom.  Speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 800-237-5465 or visit our website at

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