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Renowned Instructional Management Software – SoftLINK

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. specializes in providing computer instructional systems designed specifically for those who teach in a computer class. ACS, Inc. has successfully been in business since 1971 and continues to expand their market.  ACS’s has more than 40 years of knowledge and experience helping clients setup their computer labs with either their renowned LINK System hardware based solution or SoftLINK software package.  These computer class management solutions allow the instructor to effectively teach and manage a class of students equipped with computers, laptops or tablets. Our clientele consists of K-12, universities, government facilities, military bases and corporations.

ACS has heard from thousands of instructors who teach a computer class and each story seems to be very similar with the troubles they face when instructing.  Whether they are teaching a 4th grader or an engineer the same problems seem to arise.  Whenever you have an electronic device in front of a student their attention span is shortened and they are easily distracted by non-related class material or social websites. They may be working on an assignment from another class, but their focus is supposed to be on you during your presentation.  Their friend may have sent them an instant message or they wanted to log-in to a social site.  After the presentation you notice students are asking questions about the material you just covered five minutes ago.  You stop and ask yourself are they not paying attention and what is distracting them?  There is an easy way to make sure they are paying attention to your presentation.  Yes, you can control their screen, mouse, keyboard and the web access in your class.  Read on to see how to accomplish these tasks so easily…and eliminate the distractions.

The focus today is on our top-of-the-line instructional management SoftLINK software.  As a leading monitoring software package, SoftLINK makes it simple for the teacher to view all the students’ screens right from the instructor’s computer.  Teachers can improve the efficiency of class instruction by showing the instructor’s screen on all the student’s screens.  This insures everyone in the class can easily see the instructor’s presentation and eliminates students working on other items not related to the subject matter.  In addition, you can instantly blank student monitors and now you have their undivided attention.  Blacking out the monitors is one of the most popular features of SoftLINK, simple yet effective. SoftLINK dramatically strengthens teaching effectiveness with the ability to monitor the student’s progress, broadcast instructor’s screen and audio to the students, manage web access, share any student’s screen with the class for student-led presentations, keep students alert and engaged with student surveys and testing package. Many of our clients initially evaluate SoftLINK for one classroom, but as instructors from other departments begin to utilize a room where SoftLINK is installed they submit purchase requests for their classrooms too.  After teaching in a classroom equipped with SoftLINK clients say “I will never teach in another room without it.”

ACS encourages you to download a 30-day full featured trial.  You may install the SoftLINK demo on 40 workstations including tablets at no charge.  If you don’t have time to install SoftLINK, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. would be pleased to provide you with a live 30-minute online SoftLINK presentation.  Our goal is to share this great news with instructors so they are made aware of the effective teaching aids that are available and specifically engineered for computer classrooms. You can also learn more about our complete line of computer class management products by visiting our website at or by contacting ACS at 1-800-237-5465.

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