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Applied Computer Systems, Inc: The Trusted Authority in Computer Classroom Management Solutions

Why do so many schools, universities, corporations and government organizations come to Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) for their classroom management needs?  The answer is simple.  ACS not only provides robust and proven class management solutions, but it has been doing so for over 30 years!

Applied Computer Systems, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the LINK System, was founded in 1971.  ACS moved its development focuses exclusively to the education market in the early 1980’s.  On March 13, 1984, Donald Lacy, founder of ACS and inventor of the LINK System, filed for a patent for the LINK System and was granted that patent on July 21, 1987.  Since its inception, the LINK System has been installed in thousands of classrooms and has provided instructors with an intuitive yet powerful classroom management system.  For more than 30 years now, ACS has been providing their customers with classroom management solutions and we continue to provide the same support that we are renowned for, toll-free technical support for the life of the product!

Over the years, ACS has continued to broaden their clientele as well as their products and their features.  Though the first LINK System was developed for use with a monochrome monitor and had the limited features, the newest generation of Composite LINK System supports the high definition graphics that we have all become accustomed to and provides full control of any workstation in a classroom.  In addition, ACS realizes that not all of their customers have unlimited budgets and so ACS designed a budget-oriented LINK System that provides customers with the most widely used features known as the LINK Projection System (LPS).  Every LINK System delivers the crisp, real-time video that all of their customers have grown to love.  Furthermore, each LINK System is manufactured with quality being the number one priority.  Every day we hear from customers who have been using their LINK System for over a decade while requiring little to no maintenance whatsoever.  The LINK System is one of the few electronic-based devices that will last for more than a decade yet will continue to be pertinent and useful in the classroom.

As computers and networks progressively got faster, ACS also introduced software classroom management solutions into their portfolio.  One such product, SoftLINK, provides all of the same features as the Composite LINK System.  Though it is unable to deliver the real-time, full-motion video that the LINK System is known for, SoftLINK still provides instructors with superior broadcasting capabilities.  While SoftLINK provides an abundance of features, ScreenWatch is a budget oriented package that provides customers the ability to monitor students while being able to meet their budgetary obligations.

Regardless of the organization, Applied Computer Systems, Inc. has a classroom management solution to fit its needs.  Their knowledgeable sales staff has years of experience and know-how and is able to guide customers in selecting a solution that will fulfill their requirements.  Moreover, customers are able to evaluate any of ACS’s products on their own time and at their own facilities, simplifying the selection process even further.  The relationship does not end after selecting and purchasing a product either.  ACS stands behind the quality of all of their products and provides unparalleled customer support to each and every customer.

If you would like to learn more about ACS and their products, visit their website at or call their toll-free number at 1-800-237-5465.

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