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PSI Metals, GmbH Case Study

What challenges were you trying to solve?

All of our trainings involve hands-on exercises by our students using a virtualized copy of our software running in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We often need to help or check the student’s work during these exercises and this, of course, can be done by just walking around the room in an in-person training. However, like many companies, we are now forced to conduct trainings remotely and needed a way to simulate this experience. I found SoftLink while searching for virtual classroom software.

How has SoftLINK helped PSI Metals, GmbH?

Using the above mentioned features of SoftLink has been invaluable to us during these remote trainings. It has undoubtedly saved dozens of hours of work across multiple trainers and training sessions. It’s easy to use, seamless to the trainee and easy to show new trainers how to use it.

What SoftLINK features do you find are used the most and why?

At the moment, we are only using the features to be able to view the screen of the trainees and connect to their AWS instances and help to troubleshoot any issues during the exercises. We may look at using other features in the future (surveys, feedback, etc) but for now, this one feature meets our needs.

What would you say to other organizations facing the same challenges?

Many of us are now facing this uncertain future of providing detailed, live, in-person trainings now online. We are not your typical e-Learning environment so having an instructor interact with the
students during a session is critical. Although there is a lot lost in not having face-to-face interaction, employing tools like SoftLink have made this difficult situation exponentially better. Our customers and employees appreciate the functionality it provides and the small cost to implement the system is well-worth the time saved trying to troubleshoot one person at time in a remote environment.

How would you describe the customer service you have received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc?

From the very first pre-sales calls to explain my somewhat-unique environment and requirements, Todd was really helpful. He was patient, he took time to understand our needs and he helped to troubleshoot several setup issues during our 30-day trial (having to do with our environment, not the software) to make sure that we could prove that SoftLink could do what we needed it to do to support our training needs.

Would you recommend the SoftLINK software to others?

Without hesitation, yes.

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