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Digital Applications International Study

Tell us about Digital Applications International…

Founded in 1971, Digital Applications International is a UK-based software company specializing in logistics automation solutions. We have five customer facing offices located in the UK, Switzerland and China.

What IT challenges were you trying to solve?

We were looking for a solution that could help us understand where our software licenses were deployed without manually having to review each PC.

How is DNA currently being used in your organization?

At the moment, we are using DNA primarily to monitor how software licenses are being used across our organization. The software inventory shows us where software is installed, when it’s used and who by, plus which licenses aren’t being used, where they can be better deployed. With this information, it’s helped us reduce software overspend by company and department.

Why did you choose our DNA?

We were recommended DNA and found that the software offered additional features over others that we looked at. It also has the potential to bolt on other complementary products later if we decided to. We also found DNA really easy to use and the cost was less than other similar solutions.

How/where has DNA added value?

All of our staff have found DNA easy to use. We use DNA to create an audit trail for software and hardware purchases. This has helped us reduced our spending on software and hardware as we know exactly what we have and what we do/don’t need.

Would you recommend DNA?

Yes, it’s great – keep going!

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