City of Dickenson Case Study

July 12th, 2022 by

Tell us a bit about City of Dickinson…

City of Dickinson is the local government for Dickinson, North Dakota. Dickinson sits in Stark County and has a population of over 20,000.

What IT challenges were you trying to solve?

We wanted a product that would not only track our user’s internet usage but also allow us to filter what sites they have access to, helping keep staff on task and productive.

How is DNA currently being used in your organization?

We are currently using DNA to track internet and application usage, to restrict internet usage, and to track some of our hardware assets. The internet and application metering tools allow us to track what websites and applications our staff are using, when they are using them and how long they’re using them for. We can also create lists of approved and restricted URLS so we ensure staff stay on track and productive during working hours. It provides robust reporting capabilities that keep staff accountable for the sites they are visiting during work hours, as well as ensuring that business resources are only used for business purposes. When it comes to our hardware assets, DNA’s Hardware inventory tools allow us to track and manage our assets and see important information from one central place.

Why did you choose DNA?

We found DNA to be more user-friendly and robust than the alternative products offered by other vendors that we tried during our testing phase. Plus, it’s affordable and has lots of useful features.

How/where has DNA added value?

DNA for us is used in a manner to keep staff more accountable for their usage of technology, which in turn means more time spent on work and less spent surfing the web. It’s not only helped increase staff productivity and performance, but our IT staff have also found it really easy to use.

Would you recommend DNA?

Yes, definitely!

Digital Applications International Study

March 13th, 2022 by

Tell us about Digital Applications International…

Founded in 1971, Digital Applications International is a UK-based software company specializing in logistics automation solutions. We have five customer facing offices located in the UK, Switzerland and China.

What IT challenges were you trying to solve?

We were looking for a solution that could help us understand where our software licenses were deployed without manually having to review each PC.

How is DNA currently being used in your organization?

At the moment, we are using DNA primarily to monitor how software licenses are being used across our organization. The software inventory shows us where software is installed, when it’s used and who by, plus which licenses aren’t being used, where they can be better deployed. With this information, it’s helped us reduce software overspend by company and department.

Why did you choose our DNA?

We were recommended DNA and found that the software offered additional features over others that we looked at. It also has the potential to bolt on other complementary products later if we decided to. We also found DNA really easy to use and the cost was less than other similar solutions.

How/where has DNA added value?

All of our staff have found DNA easy to use. We use DNA to create an audit trail for software and hardware purchases. This has helped us reduced our spending on software and hardware as we know exactly what we have and what we do/don’t need.

Would you recommend DNA?

Yes, it’s great – keep going!

The Egging Company Case Study

January 12th, 2022 by

Tell us about The Egging Company…

The Egging Company offers complete, start-to-finish processing of heavy steel plates, from burning, shearing, and welding to painting and more. We’ve provided the highest quality steel fabrications to both small and large customers with a wide diversity of needs since 1957.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

Our company is spread across two facilities and so we needed a remote control solution to help support and manage users from one single point while also being able to manage and control what websites staff use and how frequently.

Why did you choose our solutions?

We chose DNA which also includes the remote control tools we needed due to ease of use and its range of features. We were particularly keen on the web metering tools to ensure staff remain productive. However other tools such as power management and real-time screen visuals are also great.

How is the software currently being used in your organization?

We use the remote control tools (Manager) to maintain and work on PCs and servers across both sites, while we use DNA for internet filtering and monitoring.

How/where has DNA & Manager added value?

We have used DNA and Manager for many years and over the time it has saved us money and time, plus increased productivity and performance. For example I don’t have to go to every PC for issues/management, and if I do installs or updates, I can do several at one time. It suits our needs perfectly and we have always been happy with it.

Dawleys Case Study

August 5th, 2021 by

Tell us a bit about Dawleys…

Dawleys are a multi-channel response and fulfilment agency, based in Ross-on-Wye, with over 30 years’ experience in providing outsource solutions.

What IT challenges were you trying to solve?

We wanted a solution which provided an accurate and easy to-read overview of all our assets, from proactively finding devices to highlighting software usage vs licenses bought.

How is DNA currently being used in your organization?

It’s used to track and monitor all our IT assets across the business and keep an up-to-date inventory, which is great for renewing or redistributing items. We also use the power management tool to monitor energy costs and schedule PCs to turn on and off, which is a real money saver. The proactive alerts act as a great safety net by allowing us to keep track of any changes that occur, helping to avoid any major issues.

Why did you choose our DNA?

As an existing user of DNA, we are thrilled with the latest update and all its new features. We were especially excited to use the endpoint security feature, which helps our business to control which devices and individuals can access our system and when. We have the ability to see exactly where all our PCs are – and with DNA pro-actively finding new devices on the network, it’s been a real time saver.

We initially chose DNA as it’s secure, easy to use and has a wealth of features – all for a really good price.

How/where has DNA added value?

DNA is an excellent product packed full of features. It’s saved us money and time, improved performance and is really easy for our staff to use.

Would you recommend DNA?

Yes, absolutely!