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10 Reasons Why Teachers Request SoftLINK Computer Classroom Management Software

1. SoftLINK is Cross-Platform Compatible
SoftLINK supports Windows, Chromebooks, Mac, iPads, Android and Linux. The teacher can have a classroom equipped with a variety of computer devices and can still remotely control any of them.

2. One Click Turn All Computers On & Off
With one click, the teacher can turn on all of the computers and log them in to save time at the beginning of class. At the end of class, the instructor can log-out the students and power off the computers to save energy and money.

3. Keep the Class on Task
Instructors want a fast & easy way to see what their students’ are doing on their computers from their desktop. With SoftLINK’s intuitive instructor interface, the teacher can connect to all the students’ Chromebooks and instantly see who needs help, who is on task, or who might be visiting an unrelated school site.

4. Manage Students’ Internet Access
Eliminate students from being distracted while you teach and keep them on task by applying restrictions to certain websites. Save time and automatically launch a site on all the kids’ computers. If needed, you can freeze the students’ keyboard and mouse and now you have their undivided attention.

5. Show/Share Their Desktop With the Class
Teach your students by showing them your screen. It is so simple. Anything that is on your screen can be shown on all student Chromebooks. You no longer need to deal with the overhead projector and the hassles it brings to instruction. This is a great way to project to your class and help keep them focused.

6. Test & Assess Students
Determine students’ understanding using a variety of comprehensive testing tools including audio, visual, and text-based questions. Tests are auto-graded and the results are displayed on the instructor’s desktop. Individual results can be shared with the student.

7. Effectively Communicate with Students
Send the class an attention grabbing message (ex: Test ends in 5 minutes), chat with a student one-on-one or collaborate as a group.

8. Students Can Discreetly Request Help
Students who may be shy to ask for help can discreetly request help from the teacher without any of their peers knowing they need assistance.

9. Gain Students Attention
The most raved about feature is the ‘Blank screen’ feature. Teachers love the ability to black-out the student screens. This is a quick and easy way for the instructor to get everyone’s attention without yelling across the room. Instantly all eyes are focused on the teacher.

10. Virtual Whiteboard
Your desktop is now your whiteboard. Anything that is on your instructor’s desktop can be drawn using our annotation and drawing tools within SoftLINK. You can highlight areas of interest, draw in a variety of widths and colors, add arrows, text, etc. on the screen and more.

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. specializes in computer classroom management solutions. ACS takes pride in working with schools and helping instructors find the right solution that meets their requirements. Throughout the years ACS has found that most school districts have a mixture of computer devices. Typically grades K – 5 are equipped with iPads while grades 6 – 12 use laptops or Chromebooks.

The good news is SoftLINK software supports all these devices and platforms. Purchasing one solution not only helps the teachers but it also helps the technology support team. It is common sense that it should be easier to support one classroom management solution compared to using a different one for each platform.

The advantage of one solution does all is huge! There is only one package to learn and support which saves both valuable time and money. When you only have to budget for maintenance on one package it is definitely less expensive than having to budget maintenance on multiple packages. Everyone knows most school budgets are tight and funding is hard to come by. Help your school district and learn more about why teachers elect to purchase SoftLINK classroom management software.

Try a 30-day, 40-license SoftLINK demo here or call 1-800-237-5465 to learn more.

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