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Proven Way to Take Control of Unmanned Devices

Our world is becoming increasingly driven by technology and it’s now in places where previously it never would have been dreamed of. For instance, it’s not that long since pasting posters on billboards was a way that companies advertised; now, digital signage displays show not just one poster, but cycle around a number of them, to maximize the opportunity to catch consumers’ attention. Things are becoming more digitized all the time – and not just in this area.

So when we talk about remote control solutions, hands up: who immediately thinks of remote support for staff PCs? Of course, that’s one important role, but there’s another secret world where they really excel!

Clever solutions for clever tech

Not every technology device that contains software needs a human sitting next to it. Think factory robots in manufacturing, cash machines, and credit/debit card payment machines. They’re all working away tirelessly by themselves each day but, inevitably, sometimes things go wrong or updates will need to be applied and it’s simply not time or cost-effective for IT technicians to go out and see to each and every one.

Remote control software helps IT teams to keep all of these kinds of company devices operational, all from a central location. So whether it’s the check-in screen in your doctor’s waiting room, a kiosk-based machine out in the public arena, or even the jukebox in your local restaurant chain, you can bet they’re being looked after by an IT team with a remote control solution somewhere out there!

Check out Manager

If your company needs to maintain unmanned devices such as the ones mentioned here, then be sure to check out Manager. It’s at the top of its game, having led the way with innovative features to manage technology remotely and securely for over 30 years.

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