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Eliminate PC Distractions During Class & Keep Trainees on Task!

When you hear the word ‘classroom technology’ what comes to mind?  I’m sure many of you instantly thought of computers, monitors, and overhead projectors.  These items are typically what one would see in a computer classroom at a university or a K-12 setting.  These are the basic tools needed to have what most call a computer lab, PC classroom or electronic classroom.

Let me introduce you to a very important PC classroom management tool which should be included as a must have for any computer lab/classroom as described in the above paragraph.  Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) based on the outskirts of Johnstown, OH designs, manufacturers and sells a PC classroom management system called LINK Systems.  ACS has been in business since 1971 and provides superior customer service with reliable and proven technologies designed specifically for computer equipped classrooms.

The LINK System product line is the heart of our business.   Many times our clients ask us “Where are the LINK Systems being used?”  The answer is simple “Anywhere there is an instructor teaching in a classroom filled with computers.”

The LINK System is used extensively in military classrooms, chemistry labs, language labs, basic computer classes, engineering classrooms, corporate training centers, flight simulation training centers and K-12 classrooms.  Anywhere there is an instructor teaching in a computer classroom our LINK System can be utilized to its full potential.

You may ask, “What are the benefits of using a LINK System?”

  • The LINK System allows instructors and trainers to easily manage and control their classes’ computer activity right from the instructor’s podium.
  • Launch your presentation directly to the trainees’ monitors – students love the fact that they can see your presentation on their monitor. It makes it easy for them to see the fine details and follow your demonstration.
  • Keep the class on task by instantly ‘blacking out’ their monitors – immediately you have their undivided attention.
  • Share multiple displays with the class – send your document camera or laptop image to the classes’ monitors.
  • Share any student’s work with the class by sending to the overhead projector or to all the trainees’ monitors.
  • Instantly gauge if your students comprehend the material or if more instruction is required.
  • Students may be hesitant to raise their hand for assistance but discreetly they can electronically request help through the LINK System.
  • Highlight areas of interest on your screen using our LINK Stylus software package and broadcast this to your students’ monitors in real time.
  • Allow any student to write on their desktop with our LINK Stylus and share this with the class.

The LINK System provides a way for instructors to teach more effectively.  It gives them a means to easily share information with the class, to encourage classroom participation and keeps students on task.  Instructors love the fact that they can instantly scan the class and see who needs assistance or share their display with the class.

The LINK System is an amazing teaching tool and requires no technical training.  With a simple touch of an icon you are in control of all the computers in your classroom.  How wonderful is that!

Call Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) and ask for more information regarding our LINK Systems and PC classroom control solutions, 800-237-5465.

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