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Using SoftLINK in a Remote Desktop (RDP) Environment

Does your school currently have a virtual environment? Were you aware you could use SoftLINK to provide remote learning to your students while they are working from home?

Many school districts have already implemented virtual environments for remote access and administration of their technology. Many teachers are surprised to learn that SoftLINK can be ran in these environments and can be used just as it would be in a conventional classroom.

During this unprecedented time, teachers and students can experience some semblance of a normal teaching regiment. Using SoftLINK, teachers can continue to interact with students as if they were sitting together in a classroom. The teacher can discretely observe students’ progress and ensure they stay on task. Teachers are also able to share their own desktop space and limit access to applications and websites to prevent access to inappropriate content. SoftLINK also encourages class participation via its Question and Answer mode, surveys, and student feedback mode.

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