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Notify Version 5.1 – Out now!

Improved recipient selection
When sending a notification, the selecting of recipients is now much clearer and easier via an update to its user interface. It’s also quicker to select the recipients, thanks to some behind-the-scenes performance enhancements.

Sending notification to offline staff
When sending a notification, offline staff can now be selected to receive the notifications that have been sent to them. When the offline staff return ‘online’ and log-onto their device, they will receive the notifications that have been sent over the past 48 hours. This is particularly useful for helping staff coming back from holiday, for example, to catch-up on or be reminded of any messages that were sent whilst they were away.

Details in History view
In the History view, the sender’s machine name and IP address are included in the details recorded for ‘emergency response’ type notifications (sent via a hotkey combination).

For a standard notification, the IP address of the sender will also now be included in the History view.

Default ‘Sent to’ method
When sending a notification, instead of defaulting to the server option, Notify will now remember the last chosen option (e.g. departments) and automatically select it for you. You can also set the default ‘Sent to’ method as department or server.

Sender’s name
When receiving a notification, at the bottom, it will now include the sender’s name. This is handy for better understanding the nature of the message and its urgency. However, this can be turned off, and so notifications can also be sent anonymously.

Recipients of scheduled messages
You can now see the list of recipients for an existing scheduled notification – perfect for checking if anyone needs adding or removing from it.

We’ve made it even quicker and easier to customize your notification by adding in formatting shortcuts for bold, italic and/or underline formatting. For example, ‘Ctrl+B/I/U’ to turn on/off character formatting.

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