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LINK System Enhances Instructor Effectiveness

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. is a proven leader in the computer class management industry introducing the Composite LINK System to the corporate, government and military instructors seeking faster, more responsive instructor-student interaction in the computer lab.  The Composite LINK System is an interactive instruction and monitoring system, allows the instructor to demonstrate computer tasks directly on the students’ monitors, providing a clear view of the lesson despite room size or lighting conditions.  This system allows the instructor to scan student progress on their screen and provide individual help as needed.

The system allows students to follow a lesson easily along with the screen images sent to their monitors by the instructor.  When students can watch the lesson on their own monitors, they are more receptive to learning, without straining to see overhead projections from the back of the computer lab.  This helps to keep the students on task, ultimately increasing their retention rates.

In addition, the instructor can conveniently scan the students’ screens from the instructor’s screen to monitor their progress.  When help is needed, the instructor can remotely operate a student’s keyboard and mouse to demonstrate a skill.  If a student has a problem common to the class, the instructor can send the student’s screen display to all classroom monitors.  The student can then test his knowledge step-by-step with the instructor’s guidance while the class watches and learns from their own monitors.  Once the student is back on track, the instructor can continue monitoring the students’ screens to see who needs help.

For more information about Composite LINK System contact Applied Computer Systems, Inc. at 800-237-5465 or visit our website

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