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SoftLINK Version 15.10 – New Test Designer

New update to the Test Designer

Discover the brand new user interface, which replaces the toolbar and menus with an intuitive ribbon, making it even easier to create tests. To help you create each question type, use the new-style wizard which guides you through the process with ease.

Image shows types of questions available

Plus, helping to ensure there are no mistakes in your questions, we’ve added a spell checker with configurable regions. When creating questions, you can also create another question of the same type, keeping some of the same settings – making it even quicker to create variations of tests.

Image shows a ‘Label Image’ question type

To save time, if a topic or subject is selected in the tree view and you create a question, this is automatically applied to the new question, and once a question is created, it’s automatically selected in the Questions pane tree view.

Image shows a test in progress

V15.01 – Update

New features 

  • MP4 video format is now available in show video. It requires MP4 codec to be available in wmplayer.
  • New support for Arabic language.

Please note this is for Windows only – other platform support for these features will follow soon.

V15 – macOS

New features

  • The toolbar icons have been updated to reveal a fresh look and feel.
  • The macOS Tutor can now pull down SIS information from the Connectivity Server to start classes.
  • A Classwizard is now available to create and store multiple lists of classes. From the Classwizard, teachers can select multiple rooms to connect to – perfect if students are spread across several classrooms.
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