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Keeping the Bad Guys Out of Your Company’s Systems

As business technology has evolved, so too has the number of ways cybercriminals can hack in! 

Managing IT assets isn’t as simple as it used to be, with just a hardware and software inventory spreadsheet to be kept up to date. Things have moved on and, these days, organizations have an overwhelming number of IT tools and services to manage and keep track of.

Over recent years, companies have added mobile devices, smartphones that can access business systems and data, virtual computing, cloud-based solutions, and services, as well as adopting BYOD policies. The average organization’s technology web has spread far and wide.

Alongside this, cybercriminals have become more and more sophisticated, constantly developing new ways to hack into business computer systems. Whether it’s ransomware, DDOS, MitM, or phishing attacks, it only takes one weak endpoint for a cybercriminal to be able to find their way into a company’s systems.

No business wants to go through the inconvenience of being hacked, with the potential loss of downtime, funds, customers, and reputation that can bring.

Deflect the blows with an ITAM shield

Without effective management of a company’s technology, each new item it adds becomes a potential entry point cybercriminals can exploit. An effective ITAM solution can help IT teams to manage these vulnerabilities effectively to keep networks and data safe.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the situation has been further complicated by the need for some employees to use their own devices for work during lockdowns – and if these don’t have antivirus installed or access work systems via a VPN, it’s potentially game on for hackers!

For any business, regardless of size, comprehensive hardware and software inventories are critical components of IT security plans. Knowing what devices the organization has, where they are, how old they are and whether they’re approaching their end of life means technicians can monitor them and choose to update, repurpose or retire them – at exactly the right times. Plus, with employees often now using multiple devices in the course of their work, it’s vital companies have a way to record the solutions in play, as well as operate a thorough management system to prevent any unauthorized installations. 

Prepare and protect

No ITAM solution can guarantee to stop cybercriminals. But what they can do is help IT teams to monitor, manage, and secure company systems and make it a lot more difficult for the bad guys to get in. 

DNA is an ITAM solution for SMEs that is scalable and flexible enough to grow with your company. With all the regular ITAM features you’d expect, plus a suite of proactive and automated tools on top, it can help keep your company’s IT safe, secure, and organized.

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