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SoftLINK Version 12.65

Integration with Google Classroom

SoftLINK now integrates with G Suite for Education.  Teachers can connect to their students’ devices using the class lists composed in Google Classroom. This feature is available to customers that are running the SoftLINK Windows Tutor and the SoftLINK Name & Connectivity Server (NCS).  The Google Classroom integration offers more flexibility when setting up their technology-led lessons and helps teachers save time. Read our Installation Guide for more information.

SoftLINK for macOS

SoftLINK for macOS (previously Assist) now sports a completely new user interface.  The enhanced interface provides teachers an easier method for identifying and navigating features.  In addition, teachers now have the flexibility to connect, via their Mac, to a wide range of student devices, regardless of their operating systems.  The supported student platforms include macOS, Chrome OS, Windows, iOS and Android. SoftLINK continues to support cross-platform capabilities, as a Windows Tutor can still connect to a Mac student as well.

SoftLINK for macOS

Key Mac features include:

  • Monitor the entire class or individual students via a thumbnail view
  • Show or broadcast the teacher’s screen to all or a selected group of students
  • Chat and send messages to the class or selected students
  • Monitor and control application and internet use
  • Conduct quick surveys to gauge student comprehension
  • Distribute and automatically collect files from each student
  • Plus many more!

SoftLINK for macOS provides 64-bit support allowing support for the latest macOS releases and devices, as well as older versions of macOS.

The macOS agent can be remotely deployed on macOS clients, saving valuable time by circumventing the manual installation process.

*The SoftLINK Name & Connectivity Server (NCS) musted be installed and running to establish a connection between the teacher’s device and Chrome students. Read our Installation Guide for more information.

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