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SoftLINK Version 11.20

Enhanced Windows 8 Support

Adding to SoftLINK’s existing Windows 8 desktop support, teachers and technicians now have the capability to interact with and control student machines that are running the Windows 8 Metro interface:

Internet Control

  • Allow access to approved websites only.
  • Block all internet access or limit to those on a restricted list.
  • Use the SafeSearch feature to prevent inappropriate content being returned within search results.
  • Block FTP access.

Application Control

  • Only allow approved applications to run.
  • Prevent restricted applications from running.
  • Monitor the use of open applications.
  • Change the currently viewed application.
  • Close applications, with the option to save work, on selected student systems in a single action.
  • Force applications to close without prompts.
  • Launch an application at student machines.

Quick Launch / Desktop Controls

Introduced in SoftLINK Version 11, the ‘Quick Launch’ option lets teachers remotely launch applications, specific documents or websites on selected or all student computers in an instant. The feature now includes support for Windows 8 Metro apps.

The ‘Student Desktop’ controls now include the option to switch between the Windows 8 desktop and Metro interfaces.

Technician’s Console

Now allows Windows 8 Store Metro apps and web pages viewed on Windows 8 Metro browsers to be included in your ‘always-on’ restrictions.

Optimizing SoftLINK for use in a wireless environment

SoftLINK uses advanced techniques to limit the effects of an unreliable wireless network. In this latest version, we have added multiple configuration options that will help you reduce the amount of data being sent across your network – resulting in improved performance.

Extended Google Chrome OS Support

The latest version extends SoftLINK’s support for students using Google Chromebooks:

  • Show the teacher’s screen. Ensure student attention and focus when presenting by ‘showing’ the teacher’s desktop to selected student screens.
  • Perform a show to students in a browser tab, or in full screen mode.
  • Multi-monitor support. If the teacher is using multiple monitors, select an individual screen to show to students or show all.
  • Show an application to selected students.
  • Remote Control. As well as discreetly monitoring student screens (Watch Mode), teachers can now interact with the students’ desktops with real-time remote control (Share Mode). Ideal for providing 1:1 help and support to students as needed.

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