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Hot Tips to Evaluate and Elevate your Technology

At the heart of any organization is the people, but the technology they use is an important part of what helps them – and the company – achieve greatness!

It’s therefore crucial that company technology is evaluated to ensure it’s meeting current and future needs, before leaping into buying more or new hardware and software solutions.

Evaluating tech can help you… 

  • Check it’s meeting your current and/or future needs: Solution flexibility is important to ensure it can evolve and support you through an ever-changing landscape – whether it’s supporting new or more devices, adapting to new working environments (office vs remote) or supporting a new need or function.
  • Check it’s being used and not collecting dust: One of the main reasons for not using technology is because it’s too complicated. Check with stakeholders if they find the tool easy to use. Do they need more training to maximize its benefits? And are they the right people to be using it in the first place?
  • Check your compliance: Data protection is a key consideration for all companies, and so ensuring you’re meeting the latest requirements is key. Review what data your technology does capture and how it’s stored.
  • Check spending: Is your technology owned or on a subscription basis? Are the costs increasing and is it still affordable? These questions can help you plan future spending and review cost vs benefits.

Once you have evaluated your products, you can make a better-informed decision about the next steps in your tech journey!

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