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SoftLINK Computer Management Software

Renowned Instructional Management Software – SoftLINK

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. specializes in providing computer instructional systems designed specifically for those who teach in a computer class. ACS, Inc. has successfully been in business since 1971 and continues […]

LINK System Classroom Management System

LINK System Improves Training Efficiency

Take a quick look around your computer classroom.  You probably have “state-of-the-art” technology and equipment: powerful networked computers, sophisticated multimedia capabilities, and an expensive projection system.  Yet, with all this […]

SoftLINK works with Chromebooks

SoftLINK Version 11.41

Optimized Network Performance (IP Multicast) In some environments, network activity can be reduced by utilizing multicast rather than broadcast technology, where data is only sent to devices explicitly requesting it. […]

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