How Can I Monitor My Classes’ Computer Activity?

October 22nd, 2013 by

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. is a proven leader in classroom management software.   For nearly 40 years, ACS has known the importance of computer lab monitoring software and has committed itself to providing superior products designed for instructors who teach in a computer classroom.  Hundreds of colleges, universities, and K-12 institutions across the U.S. are improving the quality of classroom instruction by utilizing our computer classroom management systems.

Throughout the years, we have found whether instructors are teaching adults or children they experience the same challenges in a computer classroom.  Instructors spend a lot of time preparing for their class and find it very frustrating to see that students’ are not staying on task and are being easily distracted.  Students are not staying focused on the presentation, instead they are surfing the web, instant messaging a friend, or on social media.

ACS offers two software packages which allow you to monitor your classes’ computer activity.  Our basic ScreenWatch software simply allows you to your classes screens right from your desktop.  You can view each student screen one at a time or multiple screens simultaneously.  Another valuable feature instructors find resourceful is the ‘blank’ feature.  By blanking the student’s screens this gives the instructor the opportunity to make announcements and provide important instructions to the class before they start working on their computers.

Our top-of-the line package is SoftLINK.  SoftLINK is a comprehensive package designed to incorporate all the teaching aids an instructor could utilize to enhance the teaching and learning process for everyone involved.  With SoftLINK instructors can show his screen directly on the student’s screens, view student’s computer activity, share any student’s screen with the class for project demonstrations, block websites, remotely power on and off computers and more.

SoftLINK is compatible with iPads and Android devices.

Free demos of SoftLINK and ScreenWatch are available for download on our website.  You may also find apps of SoftLINK on GooglePlay and App Store.