Help Employees Transition Back to the Office

January 26th, 2022 by

Heading back to the office? Well, it’s all about creating a safe and happy working environment to entice your staffs return – something easier said than done!

But with the help of Applied Computer Systems  IT management tools, you can navigate social distancing measures, staff personal preferences and new company procedures with ease.

Monitoring and remote control
Safely assist staff when needed with remote control and monitoring features, allowing you to fix issues from afar. Even power off machines without having to touch the devices – and much more! Learn more about SoftLINK

Mass notifications
Quickly send out one-way alerts to staff that cannot be ignored – helping to keep everyone informed of any new processes, routines, emergency and health messages! Learn more about Notify.

Flexible working environments
Assist remote workers wherever they are – boosting productivity whilst ensuring security. Learn more about Manager.

Create a future-ready workforce with our IT tools to be prepared for any scenario. Try these products today for free to see how they can help your transition back to normal.